Tuesday, August 7, 2012

life , as it is !

Assalamualaikum !

taken from the sky bridge , everything start shines !
"Love is beauty, but not every beauty have love without faith"

 but leaves be empty still ... keep it up !
but remember, let the full knowledge on the chest

insyaAllah , there will be the right way . don't worry !
we never turn away from it ! ALLAH will be determine everything..

before they occur, 
"Do not be fooled by love. Sometimes, the devil only mock us. Now, go by the name of God, began travelling to meet with the experience of love" 

btw, have two meaning 
firstly, for my dear husband , he must know and promise one thing. "Help me and accompany me in getting to JANNAH"

Secondly, just i want tell "it all my dream for my future wedding" haha !! brangan jer lebih.....

***angan angan belaka , is nothing true or maybe ! I don't know coming year how ?....
that all ! thankiu thankiu shoo much . 


Monday, August 6, 2012

for guy want to be handsome

Assalamualaikum !

a guy who knows how to cook is really "handsome" 

who agree?..... saia conform conform AGREE AGREE AGREE !!! haha , apa ingat keje keje memasak untuk perempuan jerk ker ? Actually, ramai jugak lorh perempuan ta pandai masak atau masak ta sedap ***jeng include me ! haha
btw, pandai jugak lorh masak ! hehe 
 . Hurmmmmm..... cmnelarh na pikit hati suami ni. 

sebagai lelaki, dun worry worry because anda tetap macho sungguhpun anda pandai masak . Lagipon boleh juga sekali skala tunjuk skit skill skill dan memasak untuk isteri.
Kan ke hensem namanye tuh..... :) 

so, faster faster larh belajar masak ! haha ..... bubye